An Evolving Experiential Landscape – GDXtra Care Program

The day is finally here. You have been anxiously awaiting the pop up experience your favorite brand is activating near your home. You head out and find a spot in line, six feet away from the next anxious attendee, holding your phone where your event-issued barcode waits, finally ready to be scanned after registering a few days prior. You pass your screening and are granted entry to the activation to see spacious, aesthetically brilliant activations all around you. Everything is touchless. There are fewer people than you expected. Everything is clean, and you finally feel safe and comfortable spending time with your favorite brand.

The New Normal

The days of packed exhibit halls with thousands of in person impressions have not yet returned, which has left experiential marketing agencies no choice but to adapt to the new norm: clean, safe, and touchless events, activations, and campaigns. Consumers and brands alike are anxiously awaiting the opportunity to reconnect, and marketers need to be ready to evolve to help usher in the reopening of social gatherings, as that time rapidly approaches. 

The return of experiential marketing – and public gatherings in general – will be like nothing we have ever seen in the past. Adapting to the new normal will be imperative in bringing consumers and brands back together, with unforgettable moments and breathtaking experiences. Rather than waiting to see what the new normal looks like, GDX Studios has taken a proactive approach, and is committed to addressing post COVID events and activations with the GDXtra Care Health and Safety Program. 

The GDXtra Care Program

GDXtra CareThe GDXtra Care Program is a proprietary guidebook, created with direction from leading health and safety organizations, that will help propel the return of public gatherings through the implementation of new practices at every phase of the planning process. From ideation, to production, these new practices will make sure we are operating under and within the most up-to-date codes and regulations defined by widely recognized governing bodies. Along with implementing new procedures and practices to our production process, GDX’s staff has completed courses in health and safety, and have received certificates and completion cards from the CDC and OSHA, as well as established partnerships with local ISSA GBAC officials to perform venue and equipment inspections. 

GDX Studios is a full service experiential marketing agency that takes a holistic approach to its services and engages consumers in bold and dynamic ways by creating buzz and driving consumers to share their experiences. By implementing the GDXtra Care Health and Safety Program on every activation and campaign we launch, our staff, our clients, and our attendees can all rest assured that they are in good hands. GDX Studios has done the necessary prep work, has gained accreditations with leading health and safety governing bodies, and has created the GDXtra Care Health and Safety Program to ensure the safest environment possible, venues and experiences will be cleaned to the highest standards, and most importantly, everyone has a great time at every experiential activation or campaign we launch.

We are excited to lead the charge in bringing consumers and brands back together with amazing experiential campaigns, with the GDXtra Care Health and Safety Program.