Event Experts are now Health & Safety Experts

“I have never been approached by an event producer before.”

-Cleaning Industry Management Standard (CIMS) representative 

I never stop learning. Throughout my seven years as a producer in the experiential marketing industry I’ve had to gain a bit of expertise in many different subjects. This is a unique profession where the day to day varies greatly. Sometimes the day is filled with research for new event technologies to include in proposals, other times there can be weeks on end filled with travel to event sites. 

These past weeks of being sheltered in place due to the COVID-19 restrictions have been the strangest in my career, with the only constant being the need to quickly soak up important health and safety information and determine how to effectively apply it to our production practices. I understood that for our company to continue its leadership in this industry, we at GDX Studios had to pivot.  We needed to establish new Standards, Protocols and Management Processes that will be necessary for social gatherings to return to everyday life.  We felt a sense of urgency and importance for our company to lead the way to insure that all attendees and working staff members would feel safe and encourage attendance. 

My colleagues and I have spent the last month working with the leading health and safety organizations to come up with a comprehensive program that was specific to the Experiential Marketing and events industry. In a discussion with a representative from the Cleaning Industry Management Standard (CIMS), I was told that “he had never been approached by an event producer before and that he was excited to work with us.”  While health and safety protocols are commonplace in the medical field and cleaning industry, we believe that similar strict practices are now vital in the events world moving forward. 

I am proud to have contributed to the creation of the GDXtra Care Health and Safety Program. By adopting the standards set by leading health and safety organizations we will create the safest environments possible for social gatherings in our industry. From venue selection to staff training to new practices at events, these protocols and policies will be followed in every phase of planning and production. We pride ourselves not only in providing impactful experiences, but also on the safety and well-being of our attendees and staff members. As health and safety information and policies continue to evolve, we will never stop learning and applying our knowledge to our work to ensure the safest executions for our clients and their attendees.


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