Experiential Marketing in the Cannabis Industry

Experiential Marketing in the Cannabis Industry – Cannabis is a thriving industry, there is no denying that. But due to its confusing advertising regulations, GDX Studios believes companies are not properly capitalizing on Experiential Marketing to its full potential.

Over the past year, GDX has worked with several of these cannabis based companies to execute their experiential marketing strategy. In 2020, we hope to excel the industry with even more activations by connecting brands and consumers in new ways.

I recently had the pleasure in speaking with several publishers from various cannabis related magazines, in which we discussed breaking the stigma around the cannabis industry and tactics these brands can take to make the most out of their experiential campaigns.

Experiential Marketing in the Cannabis Industry – GDX is here to educate and connect cannabis brands with their core consumers to create memorable experiences and change buying behavior. To read the article, please check out: “What Cannabis Companies Need to Know About Experiential Marketing”

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