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By implementing our best practices to every phase of the pre planning process, we can move into the launch of the event in the best shape possible. However, the work is not done yet, and maintaining order and safety at the event is imperative to the event’s success. Up to this point we have done everything we could to prepare; we have a perfect venue, we have a prepared staff, the venue has been reviewed by health and safety officials, all we need now are attendees.

The Following New Practices for an Event’s Launch Will Consist of:

  • Limiting capacities to adhere to physical distancing
  • Attendee temperature checks prior to entry 
  • All touchless experiences
  • PPE available to event attendees 
  • Food & beverages provided in single use, pre-packaged servings
  • Increased frequency of surface cleaning and waste removal 

Touchless experiences will be the next wave of experiential marketing. Maintaining safety and cleanliness will become the most important criteria at any event moving forward. Creating events that will reconnect consumers and brands will rely solely on appealing to all of the senses, and creating environments that push for social sharing. 

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