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Staff Training

Another guarantee to any event along with a great venue, is a great staff. We make sure to prepare our event staff for what to expect, and how to prevent any problems, with advanced staff training. In this training our staff will gain information on not only how to make the experience incredible, but information on how to make sure the experience remains clean, and they, as well as their coworkers and the event attendees, stay safe. The following information, and requirements will be laid out to them in the advanced staff training:

  • GDX staff will required to do regular hand washing, or use alcohol-based sanitizers
    • GDX Studios will provide hand-washing stations to its employees if the event location or venue does not have the proper equipment 
  • All GDX staff is required to wear PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) while working 
    • GDX stuff will receive information on how to properly donn and doff their PPE
    • GDX studios will have PPE available to all staff
  • All employees will undergo temperature screenings prior to work shift
    • Employees who have a temperature exceeding 100 degrees Fahrenheit will not be allowed to work
  • Educational health and safety infographics will be provided to event staff prior to the event, as well as being posted in all staff break rooms during the event 

Partnerships with Disease Prevention Services

By establishing partnerships with governing health bodies, gaining certification by taking necessary health and safety courses, and following up-to-date cleaning and preparatory requirements laid out by OSHA, CDC, WHO, and ISSA, GDX Studios will lead the charge in bringing experiences back to our everyday lives. By implementing new practices to every phase of the project planning and execution processes, we are committed to creating clean and safe atmospheres, while still flawlessly executing breathtaking experiential campaigns. 

GDX Studios is a leader in pre event planning, production, and event logistics. With the new procedural and safety processes implemented in our new practices, every experiential campaign we produce will not only be exactly what was laid out in creative renderings, it will be evaluated and granted clearance by certified public health and safety officials. Along with partnering with ISSA, OSHA, and WHO officials, GDX Studios production team has begun courses to gain their very own certifications and accreditations.

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