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Traditionally there are three things an experiential marketing company would look for in finding the perfect venue: location, layout, and capacity. With new and evolving requirements that deem a location safe for attendees to enter, we need to ensure our intended venues fulfill spatial requirements allowing for distancing and clear and easy lanes to travel, use of specific EPA approved cleaning supplies and CDC cleaning techniques, has all touchless door and amenities, and proper air quality controls. 

To ensure the perfect venue is selected, GDX Studios will implement an advanced venue audit, ensuring the venue is pre-equipped with the following touchless amenities:

Automatic Doors

  • Venue entrances/exits
  • Restroom entrances/exits

Touchless Amenities

  • Lights
  • Toilets
  • Sinks
  • Payment options, etc.

Cleaning and Disposal Standards

Along with having the necessary amenities, GDX Studios will ensure the venue is raising it’s cleaning and disposal standards to fulfill the current cleaning requirements, and is equipped with the following facility specifications and engineering controls: 

  • Air circulation, filters, and ACH (Air Changes Per Hour)
  • All rooms and private restrooms will be disinfected according to cleaning & disinfection protocol every two hours 
  • Feasibility of installing proper engineering controls 
  • Feasibility of preventing congregation
    • Line control (ensuring 6ft of separating in all directions)
    • Event staff and event patrons should be able to maintain a distance of at least 6ft 
    • Outdoor facilities allowing for in-and-out traffic
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