Paranormal Activity House – Paramount

The Challenge

Paramount wanted to stage a frightening series of pranks at the original Paranormal Activity featured in the film. Their goal was to create a stream of viral marketing content based around people looking to buy a new home.

The Solution

GDX Studios retrofitted the house so as unsuspecting buyers went through chandeliers rattled, the microwave flashed, lights flickered and other paranormal things begin to occur.

An actor, pretending to be a real estate agent, claimed such oddities like, “The previous couple who lived here just decided to up and move suddenly.” These seemingly odd occurrences were perfectly timed and got progressively frightening until the final mirror crack jump scare, which sent guests screaming down the staircase!

The activation was viewed by hundreds of thousands of YouTubers and helped Paranormal Activity crush the box office to earn $78.5 millions dollars.

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