Rebuilding the Experience: The Future of Tech in Experiential

Technology and the eventing industry go hand in hand, and together will provide consumers with new experiences and ways to stay connected. Brands & agencies alike, are becoming more creative in the way they use technology. As we move away from COVID, we can expect to see new tech trends arising within the experiential industry for years to come; keeping attendees safe while helping provide unique and immersive experiences.

Touch Free Technology

We can assume, technology such as motion sensing input, projection mapping and directional sound will increase in popularity, by continuing to offer ways to fully immerse guests without the need to make physical contact with equipment. 

Health & Safety

As large events and gatherings open back up, venues will have adopted the latest guidelines and standards established by leading health organizations, in order to ensure the safety of attendees and staff. These health & safety protocols will be backed by technology at events. Equipment such as infrared screening systems and non-contact thermometers will become the new normal, as attendees temperatures will be checked to confirm they don’t hold a fever before entering the venue. 

In addition to entry, check in systems and badges will become digital and wireless, allowing guests to check in without having to make contact with staff or equipment. Not only will this shift keep attendees and staff safe, it will make for a fast check in/ check out process. 

Incorporation of Personal Devices

Personal devices will continue to enhance experiences, by allowing guests to interact with featured elements within venues, as well as purchase products from the comfort of their own device. In addition, we will continue to see digital badges and tickets becoming more popular. In other ways, personal devices will allow attendees to customize their own experiences, through given microsites and apps.

Takeaways & Premiums

As the years progress, we will continue to see more digital and downloadable takeaways, such as filters, promo codes, and unlockable content become more popular. Digital takeaways allow fans to share the experience, without risk of contamination. However some brands may still offer physical takeaways, that will most likely be individually packaged or mailed to the attendee’s provided address. 

The New Normal

Coming out of covid will change the way we experience events, and technology will help us enhance the experience, creating safer and fully immersive experiences that will leave a positive impact on consumers .