Three 2020 Experiential Trends To Look Out For

Three 2020 Experiential Trends – It’s no secret that today’s consumers are favoring brands that deliver on personalization and authenticity. In essence, consumers are valuing experiences just as much, if not more, than the actual product they’re buying. Experiential marketing is no longer just a trendy buzzword, it’s become a proven strategy that will continue to evolve in 2020 and beyond. In an article by CEOWorld Magazine, the author states that “Experiential marketing events are the only events that saw a rise in investments in 2018.”

Three 2020 Experiential Trends – The allocation of marketing dollars will continue this shift into experiential. I’ve outlined, three big ways we can expect to see the industry evolve for both brands and consumers.

1 – Definition of a Social Influencer

It’s no secret that millennials look to influencers for inspiration, education and information. The “definition” of a social influencer will continue to evolve. You no longer need a million followers to be considered an “influencer”.

Anybody with a smart phone and Instagram can be a very impactful source of information to their followers (friends and family). Consumers will continue to favor brands that deliver on personalization and authenticity.

2 – Overall Strategy Incorporation

Experiential will continue to be incorporated into brands’ overall strategy from the earliest stages. In the past, experiential may have been considered an additional layer. Brands will continue to invest in experiential strategists, producers and creatives. These roles will have a seat at the table early only in the campaign development and make a significant impact.

3 – Extending the Social Footprint

Experiential marketing is no longer considered a singular live event. Social amplification plans need to be baked into campaigns from the very beginning. Live activations can reach a limited amount of people. Event attendees are all social influencers in their own way and the ability to amplify their influence to people in their network is how brands create even more meaningful and personalized connections.

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