Top 5 Experiential Activations of 2019

As we wrap up the decade and head into a new year, taking a look at the top experiential activations of 2019 serves not only as a source for creative inspiration but as an indicator of the changing landscape of experiential marketing as a whole. Moving far away from the one-size-fits-all format of the early years of engagement marketing, these activations push the boundaries; they set a new bar for creative agencies, convert audiences from passive to active, and live well beyond their physical space. 

Companies and brands are not only interested but capable of going bigger and more elaborate,  charities and nonprofits are entering the space with attention grabbing campaigns, and business to business activations are moving beyond the convention center to engage audiences in new ways. With a new decade on the horizon, let’s take a look at our top five most impressive activations of the last year top 5 experiential activations:

1) Amnesty International: “Glass Box”

To raise awareness of the inhumane treatment of refugees and their children, Amnesty International built a simple yet effective activation and asked various families to spend the weekend in a glass box in central London. 

2) Google: “Assistant Ride”

It’s not easy to stand out at CES – one of the world’s largest trade shows for technology and innovation. This year, Google built a theme-park-level ride that consisted of a roller coaster track, cars, and eye-catching animatronics. 

3) Netflix: “Luke’s Diners”

To promote the release of four-part reunion season of Gilmore Girls in top 5 experiential activations, Netflix launched a nationwide campaign that converted an impressive 200 coffee shops into Luke’s Diners. By only engaging independent coffee shops, Netflix was able to keep the budget low and brand awareness high. 

4) Bumble: “Hive”

It’s easy to blend in and get lost at SXSW. To push through the noise, Bumble built an eye-popping brightly colored pop-up to engage audiences with a hands-on look at the company’s new product features. Over 20,000 visitors took part in sessions focused on dating, friendship and business networking.

5) Adult Swim: “On the Green”

Much like SXSW and CES, standing out from the crowd at San Diego Comic Con is not an easy thing to do. This year, GDX partnered with Adult Swim to produce ‘On the Green.’ With a mix of interactive technology, games and Adult Swim content, the experience was a favorite for thousands of event-goers. 

In this highly creative landscape of experiential marketing, the need for a full service experiential studio like GDX is more important now than ever. We create experiences that bring brands to life, tell stories that move people and transform what would otherwise be ordinary into something amazing. Get in touch with us today!

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